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 Awaken your secret fountain of youth

As we age we risk losing our mental clarity and focus and/or our ability to hold our body upright.  If we shift our perspective to see these ails of ageing as the doorways to awakening, we open to the possibility of transformation.  Whether you are in your 20's, 30's, 40's, 50's or beyond, with commitment, trust in the process, and discipline I believe you can experience a halt, perhaps even a reversal, of the aging process as part of the Passion for Posture community. 


Please check out my 'Philosophy' and 'About Me' pages to learn more about me and my method.  Click the 'Let's Connect' link above and leave me your email and a message to let me know why you’re here.  My service to the world is through helping each of you as best I can.  Welcome home.

About me

Postural assessment and realignment 
Private, semi-private and group yoga
Massage therapy
Nervous system regulation
Mental focus training

How’s your posture?  Do you struggle with lower back pain, hip discomfort, chronic neck tightness, and headaches?  Do you find yourself in regular activities which tend to highlight where your posture is weak, causing you more discomfort?


Hi there!  My name is Elizabeth Scheer.  I’m a yoga teacher and massage therapist with more than 30 years’ combined experience in these fields.   And, I have struggled with all of the above - even while receiving regular acupuncture, massage, and chiropractic treatments.  I sustained injuries in my 10 years on my yoga mat that I never experienced in all my childhood years of playing soccer and long distance running. Frustrated by my seemingly incurable chronic lower back and hip pain, I became determined to understand how to heal my body through yoga and functional body-weight movements.  My entire journey in life has led me here.


I became licensed in massage therapy in Florida in 1997.  My philosophy has evolved over the years and I currently believe my greatest contribution lies in my ability to assist my client in balancing and calming their mind/nervous system.  I believe this increases their ability to heal themselves.  I utilize various relaxation methods, including sound healing, gentle verbal guidance, and a calming and sleep inducing massage technique.

I received my first 200 hour yoga certification from Leslie Glickman (Yoga Journey) and Philip Christodoulou (Anuttara) in 2010.  I became an understudy to Judy Weaver (Yoga South, Boca Raton, FL - Ashtanga vinyasa) in 2011 - a mentorship which lasted 8 years.  I also studied Iyengar yoga under Colleen Gallagher (iYoga, Delray Beach, FL - Iyengar yoga).  I completed my 500 hour yoga curriculum and course-work at Yoga South under Judy Weaver & James Kigar in 2020 and am awaiting certification.


My private and group lessons are geared towards helping you improve your posture by creating connection and strength in under-worked and weaker areas (primarily the back of your body).  This equates to a stronger and more stable core, more connection to the present moment, more confidence, and less physical aches and pains.  You can also expect my lighthearted, fun energy, uplifting music, and yummy hands on assists.  I'm so excited to connect with you and I can’t wait to witness you break out of rigid holding patterns, take bigger, fuller breaths, and live your best life ever!!


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Peace & love!