The Focused Mind

Awareness and mental focus practices have been linked to positive outcomes, such as "improved well-being and decreased depression, anxiety, and chronic pain."  This foundational program is intended to assist you in creating a powerful shift in your entire life.  Over the course of 5 weeks, you will learn techniques to bring yourself into the present moment throughout your day. 


As a result of participating in this program, you may experience yourself making quicker and more confident decisions, having the ability to bring yourself back from chaos to the present moment, a desire to slow down and enjoy life more fully, being conscious of when you're choosing something that does not serve you, and endless other blessings. 


Participants will have access to a community of like minded individuals on a similar path of healing.  You will be given the opportunity to connect with others, to support each other, and help to hold each other accountable.  Be a part of creating and nurturing a powerful community of fellow seekers on a journey of transformation.  Click the link below to find out more!


This powerful virtual class will transform your connection to your core and provide you with better balancing ability.  You will be guided to work the muscles of the back of the body, as well as deep stabilizer muscles in the core, ankles, hips and shoulders.  These areas are often missed when doing traditional, weight loading workouts - as when we load weight our stronger muscles automatically take over.  When we only work out in this way we make it challenging, and even impossible in some instances, to give weaker areas an opportunity to strengthen.  This will eventually create misalignments, stress on the body, and injury. 


Learn to move more gracefully and build your present awareness, increase your core strength, and feel your ability to balance become stronger.  Overtime you may also experience better posture, more ease of breathing, and an increased energy and zest for life!

The class will be assisted by using the StrongBoard Balance, which utilizes multi spring technology, and will ensure you get the most out of this transformational practice!

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Postural Correction

These sessions are considered therapeutic.  I will assess your body - how you hold it, how you move it, what your habitual patterns are, movements that are unable to be performed, I'll watch you while you work out, while you cook, while you hold your child, etc.  From here I will work with the activities you're already doing every day to create exercises and movements to increase stability, range of motion, and specific strength; while mitigating pain, becoming more aware and alive, and creating more sustainable and comfortable posture over time. 

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Massage Therapy


I currently believe we have all we need to heal ourselves.  As an LMT, I act as the impetus to assist you in feeling your body more fully.  I do this by staying present with you, reminding you to stay present, to breathe, and to be aware of where you hold tension and stress.  You will be guided on how to become present with tension as a way to disperse it.  Sessions are 90 minutes long and include sound healing. 

You must have a referral from a current client to reserve a session.  If you have received a qualifying referral, kindly send me a message through the link below to receive more information.


My Philosophy

Habits are things we have done enough times for our body to no longer need input from our conscious mind to recreate the action or posture. The way we sit, stand, carry groceries and children, walk, relax on the couch, workout, practice yoga, wash our hair, etc can reinforce unhealthy misalignments and holding patterns. 


Over time these unhealthy postural holding patterns and movement patterns (habits)  can lead to nagging aches and pains and even more serious injury and chronic pain.  The good news is this can be reversed!  In my experience I have found that learning how to feel and create a neutral spine and pelvis in all the activities we do may do wonders for mitigating discomfort while increasing energy, stamina, joy and inner peace. 


As we grow through life, many of us may notice we have created a permanent rounding in the upper back, glute muscles becoming nonexistent (noassatall syndrome), the head is much further forward of their shoulders, the neck is perpetually tight and lower back is often achy and sore.  When the spine and pelvis are in a neutral position they have the ability to bear the most weight, while increasing the flow of internal energy. 


My methodology consists of training clients to understand what a neutral spine and pelvis looks and feels like for them, then teaching exercises and techniques to reinforce these functional, sustainable, healthier patterns - while moving and in stillness.  Carving out an hour a day to do your practice or workout, and then not paying conscious attention to how you hold and use your body the other 16 or so waking hours of your day feels counter to the art of habit changing. 


When we learn a new habit, our brain begins to fire in a new way that begins wiring a new neural pathway.  This new pathway must be reinforced over and over again in the beginning, before it hardwires into a new habitual pattern.  My programs, workshops, classes and private sessions all are focused around this belief system, ensuring you will get the most out of the work we do together. 

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