The Focused Mind

A path towards enlightenment


Do you ever notice yourself unconsciously scrolling the internet while speaking on the phone?  Are you able to stay focused on work, or do you find yourself looking at social media or the news multiple times?  Would you like to feel less scattered and more focused, less stressed and more calm, less emotional and more in control of your feelings, less annoyed by others and more accepting, less indecisive and more definitive about what healthy decisions look and feel like for you?

This course is designed to empower you with tools to take control over your emotional and mental states, simply by learning to be more mentally focused more of the time.  If you have struggled with meditating because of your active mind, this method will teach you how to concentrate and remain present, which are the prerequisites to practicing meditation.  

We will meet virtually 10 times (Monday’s and Thursday’s for 5 weeks).  In each class, you will learn a different modality for focusing your mind and becoming present.  You will practice each new technique multiple times throughout your day, which is how we make these practices new habits.  The specific techniques we will cover are physically focused, which many students will find more accessible than mental techniques aimed at becoming present.  By the end of the course, you will be practicing 9 different mind-focusing exercises, weaved into your day in a way that feels accessible for you and your lifestyle.  When we are able to be more present, we are able to have more fulfilling experiences, we may experience a deeper connection with others, and we may also have access to more feelings of peace and acceptance in times of struggle and suffering.